Tremont, Illinois Christmas

On an Illinois Highway
all covered with snow
came 2 weary travelers
bound for Chicago
Mary with Child and
Joseph with fear
could find no motel
in the midnight clear

Hark the Herald, sinners with Joy
Praise to the child from Tremont, Ilinois

Under the bright star shining
on the outskirts of town
they gave birth to a child
in the barn of Henry Brown
Angels looked on
as the little boy did rest
God’s gracious miracle
in the Midwest

Came 3 Senators from Washington
with gifts for the child
and local, tough rednecks
with eyes warm and mild
To view the one birth
that put an end to all death
God’s own salvation
in bone, flesh, and breath

Plain old people, in a plain old town
But the things that he’d say plainly
could be heard the world round

Hark the Herald, sinners with joy
Silent Night, Holy Night, sinners with joy
Come All Ye Faithful, sinners with Joy
Praise to the child from Tremont, Illinois