There’s A Song In My Head

I see familiar faces
but can’t remember names
All the cards are on the table
but I’m too old for games

The wind is cold
but gettin’ warmer as it blows
There’s a song in my Head,
but I don’t know how it goes

I see my old girlfriends
can’t remember why we dated
couples walkin’ hand in hand
ain’t sure now why I waited

I’m confused but hopeful
not sure if it shows
There’s a song in my Head
but I don’t know how it goes

Well, I’ve wished on stars
shooting across space
I see you everywhere though
we’ve never met face to face

The melody’s gettin clearer
and the harmony’s not far behind
It’s a tune of love
that’s gettin’ louder in my mind

When it gets here
I’ll be sure that everyone knows
there’s a song in my head
but I don’t know how it goes