Habits Of The Heart

Sometimes one grain of truth
can start an avalanche of doubt
and the lie you thought you needed
you’re doing fine without
sometimes what’s for the best
is the furthest from your mind
and the challace in your left hand
is the hardest drink to find

Sometimes you hit the target
though your shot’s way off the mark
oh…oh….Habits of the Heart

Sometimes one word can say
more than a photograph
other times all your best lines
still won’t make her laugh
Sometimes the grass looks greener
just across the street
and you wake to find paradise
has been restin’ beneath your feet

Sometimes you miss the target
though your shot’s right on the mark
oh…oh….Habits of the Heart

Sometimes you walk away a hero
though you’ve broken every rule
Sometimes you do things by the book
but are still branded a fool
Sometimes you’re sure of everything
but wind up self-decieved
and your plea before the jury
isn’t very well recieved

Sometimes, we’re afraid to finish
cause it’s more familiar at the start
oh…oh…Habits of the Heart