Forgive Me

Leave me morning
I have just opened my eyes
Leave me Evening
I don’t need your dark disguise

Tell me sunshine
is the world brighter today
Tell me moonlight
is my time wasting away

I am sorry but I’m leaving,
It’s time I set you free
Cause I now realize I have given,
I have given less than you gave to me

Forgive Me, for I know not what I say
I know not what I do
But I know that if I stay
I still won’t love you

Hide now morning
You don’t have to watch me bleed
Hey now evening
How do you know what I need

Hey Now sunshine
I wish that you were blind
Hide now moonlight
you couldn’t see my evil mind

Leave Me morning
I’ve been bought and and I’ve been sold
Leave Me evening
yeah, I know I’m growing old

Hey Now Sunlight
To your light I’m a slave
Hey Now Moonlight
What they gonna say at my grave