Country Cliche

Call off the dogs for your battle it’s won
You got me back for dumpin’ you
Here I sit so lonely, staring at the wall
Doing nothing but feeling blue

You stole my remote control
wrecked my truck
left wine coolers and took my beer
You stole my CD’s
shrunk my pants
and cut the antlers off my deer

You put garlic in my coffee
and drilled holes in my fryin’ pan
how was I to know that sprinkled manure
in my pouch of Red Man
made my breath smell bad–Real Bad

You put thumb tacks in my shoes
cut my hair when I was asleep
what’s worse was the super glue
you put all over my toilet seat

You dialed 900 numbers all night long
and used my telephone card
somehow you trained all the neighborhood dogs
to come and crap in my yard–makes mowing the lawn real hard